As a professional aesthetician/esthetician, your career depends on the quality of your core education. The opportunities that a career in esthetics can provide is innumerable. LAS graduates have opened their own businesses across Illinois. Our licensed estheticians have become sales trainers and educators, sales representatives, beauty adviser for major skin care companies, authors, speakers and medical estheticians. Opportunities are in the amazing world of skin care!

Learn everything you need to know to become a Illinois State licensed Esthetician, including theory and hands-on training. All Illinois State licensing classes require 750-hours of classroom training. Classes are held days, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Lakeview Aesthetic School is the most well respected and affordable esthetics & waxing schools in Chicago, where you receive individualized, hands-on training from nationally recognized instructors and lecturers.

Students Learn:

• Skincare

• Waxing

• Make-Up

• Business Practices & Retailing

• and MORE!

At the Lakeview Aesthetic School, we are excited to offer educational opportunities in the dynamic field of Aesthetics and skin care! At Lakeview 


 School we are dedicated to a high level of education for our students as well as the continued  and success of our graduates. With our job lead and source department we are actively looking for employment opportunities for our graduates. Schedule a tour today and join the rapidly expanding Skin Care and Spa Industry!

For more information about this program call at 312-848-3048.