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Lakeview Aesthetic School

Esthetician & Makeup Artist located in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Of all the courses licensed aestheticians complete, makeup artistry is an all-time favorite. And while it seems more like fun than a professional course, rest assured the training, theory, and techniques you learn at Lakeview Aesthetic School in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, are highly advanced, and they fully prepare you to become an exceptional makeup artist. To learn more about our next aesthetician course, call the admissions office, or connect with us using our online form.

Makeup Q & A

What should I know about makeup artistry?

Makeup artistry fills a personal and professional role for our students. When you present yourself to the world as a licensed aesthetician, your appearance communicates your confidence and skill. You have a hard time convincing potential clients to trust you to do their makeup if you can’t manage to apply the basics to yourself.

Professional makeup artists have flexibility because they can easily take their skills to other locations. Many aestheticians meet clients in their homes or at the venue of a big event like a wedding.

Depending on your professional goals, you can offer makeup services in photography studios, at modeling events, or for theater productions. You also have the option of going in a different direction and providing medical or camouflage makeup to cover scars, hyperpigmentation, and other imperfections. 

What should I expect from a makeup course at Lakeview Aesthetic School?

Our comprehensive makeup course includes basic and advanced classroom instruction, followed by hands-on training in our med spa. We teach techniques of applying makeup and tips to help you highlight each client’s unique features and enhance their natural beauty.

Your training at Lakeview Aesthetic School includes topics such as:

  • Color theory
  • Color contouring and highlighting
  • Makeup styles
  • Customized color blending
  • Precision eye makeup
  • Brow shaping
  • Artificial eyelashes
  • Priming and enhancing lips
  • Corrective makeup
  • Using different brush types
  • Evaluating each client’s facial structure


We also teach sanitation and safety techniques, along with information about business practices. 

What sets makeup training at Lakeview Aesthetic School apart?

At Lakeview Aesthetic School, we offer a flexible schedule, comprehensive training that sets you up for success, and the support you need to pass the Illinois State Licensing Exam. The program combines classroom training with small group sessions in our med spa, where you learn from staff experts and get extensive practical experience under their guidance.

Our aesthetician training includes today’s most advanced treatments and covers the therapies you need to master to obtain the best jobs in day spas, med spas, and medical offices, including:

  • Skin physiology
  • Facials
  • Microcurrent facials
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser treatments
  • Chemical peels
  • Microneedling
  • Waxing

Knowing the art of makeup application, in addition to the above, is a skill that can set you apart from other aestheticians whose training did not include this highly sought after specialty. 

To learn more about makeup training or our aesthetician course, call or text the Lakeview Aesthetic School admissions office at 312.848.3048 or 773.614.7454, or use our convenient online contact form.